forensicinterviewNot all interviews are the same in approach or application. Most investigator are trained  in conducting “fact finding field interviews”, interviews that are basic in nature and are used to verify or establish events that have may or may not have occurred based upon a already known set of facts. These types of interviews are the method typically used in law enforcement first responder scenarios and set the stage for more in depth interviews or interrogations. These interviews typically cannot or will not by nature give insight in to veracity of the subject making the statement nor can they guide the investigation into the next steps needed to resolve matters; simply put often times the basic fact finding interview is not enough.

Forensic interviewing is a far different approach then the basic fact finding interview and has a goal of deception detection and truth assessment to guide an investigation or inquire into matters based upon assessing the veracity of a subjects statements. Often times when conducted properly, these interviews can result in an “admission or confession” of matters in question.

To execute the best possible interview 3Tier applies the experience of more than 20,000 hours of investigative interviewing experience, over 50 hours of training in interviewing from Reid, Wicklander-Zuilawski, Don Rabon, concepts from Neuro-Linguistics Programming, and the study of learning  & motivational styles.

Getting started through specializing in fraud investigations 3Tier has developed its skills and now provides the unique service of forensic interviews for many types of situations: Written Statement Analysis, Deposition Assistance/Consulting, Pre-employment vetting, Fraud, Use of Force investigations, Phone interviews, Settlement Negotiation, Investigation Review, etc.

While most investigator’s or agencies provide a broad range of services in investigative services, 3Tier has by demand, focused on conducting the specialized skill of forensic interviewing for clients in a broad range of service demographics.

We are proud to have the reputation of frequently obtaining admissions/confessions, claim withdrawals, or gaining deeper insight that can greatly help guide an ongoing or current matter/investigation, or assist in legal strategies or settlement proceedings.