Corner Of Choices

JUNCTION CITY (AP) — An Oregon man who killed his young daughters and then himself left a note indicating he was despondent over a pending divorce from his wife of 14 years.

The Register-Guard reported that Lane County sheriff’s deputies found a handwritten note inside the Junction City home of Richard Rauscher, whose body was found Monday with those of his daughters, Eryn and Aidan.
Rauscher’s estranged wife, Jennifer Flannery-Rauscher of Eugene, called police Monday after she arrived at school and learned that neither Eryn, a third-grader, nor Aidan, a fourth-grader, had attended classes that day. Sheriff’s Capt. Bill Thompson said Richard Rauscher indicated in the note that the separation from his wife drove him to shoot his children before turning a handgun on himself. Posted: Thursday, September 23, 2010 by AP, reprinted

Now that I have your attention I want to talk about choices as firearms owners or non fire arm owners. The above account will fuel many thoughts, emotions, and arguments for “both sides of the fence” in regards to gun ownership & rights. To the far left we will see the point argued for greater control and restriction, on the far right we will get the concepts that freedom comes with a price and responsibility and that we cannot legislate morality, intelligence, or common sense… In the middle we have three dead and a mother that has gone through an experience that will forever change her life.

Maybe your one of the many reading this that will fall on the “right” of gun ownership, perhaps by chance you are one of the few that that falls on the “left” that will actually read this, or maybe your one that falls in the “middle”; one that focuses the human impact of the above story and really doesn’t care so much about “gun factor”… I don’t know. I do know this, most people who read gun related information are either on the far left or the far right and minds are already made up and prejudice set. In light of that fact I want to write about choices, outcomes put in play LONG before events take place by the choices made seemingly unrelated at the time.

As a long time trainer, investigator, and former executive protection professional (bodyguard), I have seen many events that have taught me one lesson, the power of choice. Case in point:  On October 16, 1991 George Hennard of nearby Belton drove his pickup truck through a window at the “Luby’s Diner” in Killeen Texas and killed 24 people.

I know of one daughter who testified at a Senate Hearing that she wished she had not chosen to keep her handgun in the glove compartment of her vehicle on that day in the diner as her mother and father both died in the Killeen incident; her father shot to death as she watched. Current day, I am betting that Jennifer Flannery-Raucher from the other above story wishes daily that either guns did not exist or that her ex-husband to be did not have access to any guns by law. Thus we end up in the middle…. People dead, tragedy, lives forever changed based on choices made prior brought forward by current events.

When I teach I do my best to impress upon people that the choice(s) they make, either to own a gun or not will impact them in some way shape or form in the future. For some they personally arrive at the conclusion that gun ownership is not a positive choice, for some it is… thus the adjective “PERSONAL”…. Either way, one’s choice will dictate options in the future and each person (and others) will personally have to find a way to live with those options and outcomes upon the culmination of events.

As we move into 2014 it is our goal to provide balanced, accurate, top quality information with safe experiences in regards to fire arms. I have had the pleasure of working with people who go through a training and decide that owning a gun was not for them, conversely I had many others leave being able to make better choices regarding owning a gun and what they needed to do as a gun owner so that they did not end in either of the above mentioned scenarios. I look forward to being a part of the new choices in providing people information regarding the world of fire arms and the choices that come with the decisions surrounding the either own one or not. In closing until next time I leave you with this thought:

One of my long time mentor’s and instructor’s once told me “Be careful what you choose to believe as truth as what you believe will become ultimately become true” What we believe is a choice which in turn sets the stage for other options and choices we have in the future.

No information in this article is intended to be nor should be taken as legal advice. This article is a professional opinion from a Use of Force training perspective and court certified Use of Force expert background. One should always consult a licensed attorney for legal advice. All rights reserved by 3Tier Services Inc. and Stephen Yerger. 01/2014